Short Fiction

Deceit. Murder. Revenge. All of these tales have been published in juried anthologies or online magazines.

Twins,” the ultimate story of identity theft was published at

Someone doesn’t want local baseball hero Jimmy Pearce to break the consecutive hitting streak for hisLucky Charms 3D edited independent team. Enough to take a bat to his head. Trooper First Class Jim Duncan and Fayette County assistant public defender Sally Castle team up to find who wanted him to fail badly enough to commit murder. “Batter Down” was included in Lucky Charms: 12 Crime Tales published by the Mary Roberts Rinehart (Pittsburgh) chapter of Sisters in Crime.




In “Three Rivers Voodoo,” published in the 2016 Bouchercon anthology Blood on the Bayou, VioletteBayou 3D Lemaire is a Louisiana transplant living in Pittsburgh. But when her workplace rival bests her one too many times, Violette turns to her voodoo roots for a little sweet revenge. “Milliron skillfully uses the dichotomy between New Orleans/Pittsburgh and Voodoo/Christianity in this compelling story.” – BOLO Books




Decision Points,” which shows that the past is really never as far behind us as we think, was published in the Fall 2016 issue of Mysterical-e.

What happens when a high-society food critic from New York City is stranded in a small town in WestFOOW 3D Virginia? According to Vicky Radcliffe, nothing good. Between a wall-eyed banjo player, a down-home motel manager, and a murder, it’ll take all of Vicky’s talents to get herself back on the road. “The Far End of Nowhere” is included in the fourth anthology from the Guppy chapter of Sisters in Crime, Fish Out of Water, published March 2017.





The year, 1942. In this historical story, Betty Ahern is trying to make ends meet, working forHistorical 3D edited Bell Airplane near her hometown city of Buffalo, NY and dreaming of the day her fiance returns from North Africa. But when Betty arrives at work to find the shift manager dead, she has to put her wits to use before the new manager makes good on his promise to get the women out of the factory and back in the kitchen. “Home Front Homicide” will be included in the twelfth anthology from Malice Domestic, Mystery Most Historical, due Spring 2017.