Countdown to Malice – 1 week

One week. One week. Say it with me now…


At this time next Thursday, I’ll probably be on the road to my friend and critique buddy Annette Dashofy’s place and then on to Bethesda. There’s really just one question: Continue reading “Countdown to Malice – 1 week”

Countdown to Malice Domestic – 3 weeks

Some developments since last week. Small, but big to me.

First, I have a roomie! I was on the fence for a long time about this conference, mostly because of the hotel expense. Then I farted around so long I lost one potential roommate. Another friend of mine decided not to attend Malice this year. So I resigned myself to rooming alone.

Now, I have a weird relationship with roommates. I like the company. At the same time, I’m a horrible introvert and I’m afraid that unless I’m with someone I know well, I’ll come off as a snobby loser. This is made worse when I don’t know the person I’m rooming with. Plus, this is a time when I’ll have to travel with an injection for my MS and some people are creeped out by that. Best be on my own. Maybe.

Therefore, when the message came across the Guppy email listserve that someone was looking for another Guppy willing to share her room, I was hesitant. I mean, what if the other person was horrible? What if the other person thought I was horrible? The possibilities – especially when one is a writer – were endless.

But I took the plunge. Turns out I do know (kinda) the woman who needed to share. I met her at a Sisters in Crime event in Cleveland. So we aren’t complete strangers. This should work out. And I’ll (hopefully) make another friend. It’s all good.

The other development? I received an email this morning about selecting my table for the Agatha Awards banquet. I’m not terribly sure how this works, but I believe every nominee for an award “hosts” a table at the banquet. Other writers (and readers because this is a fan-centric conference) can request to sit with one of these authors.

So again, I had an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, as it were. I could request to sit with authors I know well – but who are awfully popular (thus lowering my chances of being assigned to that table). I could request to sit with my friends.

But be proud of me, friends – I took the plunge. The three authors I listed are all people I know, but again–I don’t know them terribly well. Plus there are all the other guests at that table. More new friends. Yay!

So there you have it: this week’s Malice Domestic developments. Next week? The big wardrobe unveiling!

Countdown to Malice – 4 weeks

by Liz Milliron (Mary Sutton) / @LizMilliron

Well, it’s real. In four weeks from today, I’ll be on my way to a new adventure. Malice Domestic.

This is a conference I really never planned to attend. I don’t really write cozy/traditional mystery so it never seemed to be a good “fit.” Plus, this writer has a very limited budget and the dollars always seemed to go elsewhere.

However… Continue reading “Countdown to Malice – 4 weeks”

2017 – Here I come!

2017For many years, I set writing goals. I looked back – I have graphics going back to 2013 and I may have done it before then. You may remember that I didn’t set any goals for 2016. To quote Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”: Big mistake. Big. Huge. Continue reading “2017 – Here I come!”

Bouchercon Memories

In some ways it doesn’t seem that long. In some ways it feels longer. But it was a mere week ago that I was sitting on my hotel bed with my husband, exhausted after touring the French Quarter, watching the latest Star Trek movie and eating potato chips for dinner. Yes, potato chips. Continue reading “Bouchercon Memories”

Bouchercon 2016: I Am Ready for Launch

Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

It all started with a short story.

Well, that’s not exactly accurate. But to get to the beginning, we have to jump in the Way Back machine and rewind to October 2015. Continue reading “Bouchercon 2016: I Am Ready for Launch”

Lessons from rose bushes

Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

Along the side of my house, the western side, are five rose bushes. There used to be six, but one got smashed years ago when the siding guys dropped some materials on it. They paid for it, but I never got around to replacing it.

These are hardy antique roses, suited for the sometimes harsh western Pennsylvania winters. They also require little care because I have what might be generously referred to as a brown thumb. Continue reading “Lessons from rose bushes”