2017 – Here I come!

2017For many years, I set writing goals. I looked back – I have graphics going back to 2013 and I may have done it before then. You may remember that I didn’t set any goals for 2016. To quote Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”: Big mistake. Big. Huge. Continue reading “2017 – Here I come!”

Bouchercon Memories

In some ways it doesn’t seem that long. In some ways it feels longer. But it was a mere week ago that I was sitting on my hotel bed with my husband, exhausted after touring the French Quarter, watching the latest¬†Star Trek movie and eating potato chips for dinner. Yes, potato chips. Continue reading “Bouchercon Memories”

Bouchercon 2016: I Am Ready for Launch

Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

It all started with a short story.

Well, that’s not exactly accurate. But to get to the beginning, we have to jump in the Way Back machine and rewind to October 2015. Continue reading “Bouchercon 2016: I Am Ready for Launch”

Lessons from rose bushes

Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

Along the side of my house, the western side, are five rose bushes. There used to be six, but one got smashed years ago when the siding guys dropped some materials on it. They paid for it, but I never got around to replacing it.

These are hardy antique roses, suited for the sometimes harsh western Pennsylvania winters. They also require little care because I have what might be generously referred to as a brown thumb. Continue reading “Lessons from rose bushes”

Bouchercon Bound

Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

IMG_2607I’m (mostly) packed and Bouchercon bound, baby.

By this time tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in a class with James Scott Bell, hopefully learning more about his plotting from the middle approach (which I’ve used a couple of times on my own, but I’ve wanted to take a class from Bell forever, so this is a great opportunity). Continue reading “Bouchercon Bound”