SinC salon reading

Back in June, my chapter of Sisters in Crime held an open reading at City of Asylum bookstore here in Pittsburgh. I participated with my unpublished novel, Shattered Sight. It is not a Laurel Highlands book, but features a homicide detective in Niagara Falls, NY who is…struggling, shall we say, with some personal issues he’d really rather not admit he has.


The Smashwords Summer Sale!

Calling all readers!

Smashwords is running their annual Summer Sale. The entire Hero’s Sword series is part of this sale, with all books being discounted through the month of July.

So if your child is looking for some reading material over the summer–or if you want them to be looking for some reading material–check it out!

Oh, and there are probably a lot of great books for you to enjoy, too. Happy reading!

Review: The Fault in Our Stars

This special guest post brought to you by my daughter.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is told from the view point of Hazel, or known as Hazel Grace to Gus (Augustus) Waters. The book was very relatable as a teen myself and quite realistic. I felt Hazel’s problems very similar to my own sometimes. I liked how she did not spend most of the book crying about nothing and was very out there. Continue reading “Review: The Fault in Our Stars”

Star Chasers

or How You Shouldn’t Overreact to a One-Star Review

by Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

Recently, I came upon this post, expounding on the importance of the one-star review, and how detrimental it can be, especially to indie authors. What particularly caught me was this quote:

Despite her not even having read the book, she has managed to bring my 5 star rating down to 4 stars. This means a great deal of indie book sites will now not include my book in their free lists or advertising lists of the day. Continue reading “Star Chasers”